21 Tumblr Posts About Eggs That Are So Weird, They're Actually Funny


**cracks an egg, lemon falls out**


  1. Posted by NoodlezNoodlezz, — Reply

    Calling somebody a walnut is actually a good insult, it means you’re calling them dense lmao also there’s aint a lot inside a walnut when you think about it

  2. Posted by spazblondiekins, — Reply

    I'll move them a little, just to be certain they aren't cracked on the bottom, before taking them. It's not like someone's going to eat the shells, so it's fine.

  3. Posted by brin_brin_, — Reply

    i absolutely love it when people call other people names that you wouldn’t expect. like a fucking walnut for example 😂 i cannot stop laughing

  4. Posted by monikaeverdeen, — Reply

    you w a l n u t

  5. Posted by alicecallihan, — Reply

    I have been sitting here laughing non-stop for 5 hours... Someone please call 000 I cannot breathe-

  6. Posted by extremelytallemo3207, — Reply

    Why does the second person sound like a tsundere girl trying to insult le senpai

  7. Posted by koirockmin, — Reply

    Bloody walnut? Did Gordon Ramsay comment on this post? 😂

  8. Posted by christinexu15, — Reply

    fun fact the one time i didn't check was the one time half of my eggs were cracked

  9. Posted by lilz2172, — Reply

    Walnut ? 😂💀💀

  10. Posted by mamtakhverma, — Reply

    W A L N U T {An insult}

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