Beauty Washing Machine


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  1. Posted by palomaalonsoadv, — Reply

    So e modinha n tenho mas vende nesses ching ling e tudo que tem de plastico duru nesses ching ling n e bom e orrivel na minha opniao

  2. Posted by amandajimenez567, — Reply

    Please don’t buy it, I know I know it looks cute and all but it’s a waste of money and spills the water all over the place

  3. Posted by sphie_spamm, — Reply

    Not a good purchase but if u still want to buy it you can get it cheaper at romwe or shein

  4. Posted by dundas, — Reply

    Oh my gosh, how cute is that!! It belongs in a dollhouse when not in use. 😀

  5. Posted by brarmy364, — Reply

    Eu tenho essa merda que fica vazando água e não lava nada

  6. Posted by Shpresa_Gjolaj, — Reply

    I saw this on tiktok

  7. Posted by elizabethhharris, — Reply

    dont buy it its a scam

  8. Posted by chickendude007, — Reply

    I have always wanted one of these

  9. Posted by yjkhan221, — Reply

    Sgdjd dbsfaks an Ks sjs s

  10. Posted by yjkhan221, — Reply

    Tgdksvsab sms dkd jd dka

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