Carnitas - Bite-sized pieces of pork cooked low & slow in the oven until super tender, then perfectly caramelized! So good!


  1. Posted by anthonyholden1, — Reply

    lovely recipe, melting and tender meat. Important though to stick to fatty cuts, butt or shoulder, to prevent it falling apart in cooking.

  2. Posted by laurendjohnston, — Reply

    I had all the ingredients ready, and then I read that it needed to be in the oven for FIVE HOURS. I don't want to know what the electric bill would have been...Not for me at all.

  3. Posted by elly1113, — Reply

    Check out my board food/pins I have tried for comments and tips on what I thought and did. Just click the pic and look at my comments.

  4. Posted by jmn365, — Reply

    I liked this but not as well as the other carnitas recipe I have tried.

  5. Posted by dillongrammar, — Reply

    Yummers! Make street tacos with this; everyone ate and ate!

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