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  1. Posted by naraksama73, — Reply

    Everyone would want that bird as a glorious price. One Bird to rule them all, One Bird to find them, One Bird to bring them all, and in the darkness bind them. Wait, wrong universe...

  2. Posted by avajude5, — Reply

    It’s not real they just got a girl that looks like her and he prob just asked to see it look at he bracelet hair and dress details and you’ll see

  3. Posted by angeredirken, — Reply

    Okay lowkey i thought that was fucking TheHumbleNoob from YouTube and i had to question existence They look so similar?????

  4. Posted by french_toast098, — Reply

    The last picture looks photo shopped. I'm sorry, please don't hate me :( Just the bird though, it's probably the lighting.

  5. Posted by debbiedoggo, — Reply

    This is the first time I've heard about her (maybe I have lived in a cave so far)... And... I can't express how I feel.

  6. Posted by colemarvel, — Reply

    He’s a Lannister who successfully bargained with Arya Stark, he’s probably proud just to be alive in this picture.

  7. Posted by equusandfandoms, — Reply

    Up until now I've been thinking that that is J-law??? Even though it clearly says Maisie???? I'm so dumb how

  8. Posted by bryonysgordon, — Reply

    I love the fact peter traded his emmy for a penguin purse. Its hilarious and the best thing ever

  9. Posted by magiclesbians, — Reply

    No one finds it scary that when she opens her purse she technically split her "date" in half?

  10. Posted by valsoul, — Reply

    On a side note. I am suddenly interested in how well he could play the penguin in a batman movie.

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