If you focus enough you can feel the stupidity flowing through you


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  1. Posted by bxdbitchyoucantkillme, — Reply

    This is me messing with my entire class saying me and my guy friend are step siblings and have an elaborate backstory and side stories as fake proof

  2. Posted by alpace01, — Reply

    This chick is so dumb my brain cells have all disappeared from reading that. HOW in ANY world can someone think that they are twins? It is literally Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson! I have seen ALL of his movies and watch WWE...HOW can you not tell they are the same person!?

  3. Posted by ayana_coco, — Reply

    This made me so confused lmao I even fell for that thinking they were 2 different ppl

  4. Posted by IrwinStyled, — Reply

    Rock and Dwyane are the same person. Dwyane was a successful wrestler but then left wwe to act in movies. Just fyi😂

  5. Posted by lizzieminyuan, — Reply

    i have a weird suspicion its fake bc of the name of the internet service provider or whatever its called

  6. Posted by tero1826, — Reply

    Ok even i know who The Rock is. And i all so know hes real name is dwayne. And im from Finland

  7. Posted by emibuckalew, — Reply

    I lost all my brain cells reading this. Not because I'm confused, but because they are

  8. Posted by abigailglennstar, — Reply

    I thought they were two different people until I remembered my moms obsession with him

  9. Posted by savannahepp123, — Reply

    My mama dated him in college for like a year

  10. Posted by FeelTheAngst, — Reply

    Every day....I agree with Thanos just a lil bit

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