'Kuroo and Kenma Laughing Haikyuu Manga Cap' Sticker by joojlia


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  1. Posted by 1215randomgeek, — Reply

    This is a rare picture of my last brain cells during a test

  2. Posted by gennykawaii2007, — Reply

    The little *pfft*😭😭😭

  3. Posted by Hinata_Loves_Volleyball, — Reply

    Kenma laughing even if it’s a tiny laugh adds 10 years to my lifespan

  4. Posted by jabriellelatimer, — Reply

    I wish fan girls and simps could see the real Kuroo and not some dude on a modeling magazine.

  5. Posted by nurfarisya245, — Reply

    Omg that's hella cute

  6. Posted by walkerjolie, — Reply

    Nyahahahahaha, get what I did? Pretty awesome huh? (οΏ£β–½οΏ£)

  7. Posted by LosingIneterest0, — Reply

    I can hear Kuroo laugh

  8. Posted by Kozumekenma069, — Reply

    ... When did they take that photo..

  9. Posted by Abidraws0720, — Reply

    I love these dorks

  10. Posted by harlymeliowo, — Reply

    manga cap

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