Roses 003 |Rose Nails, Rose Stickers, Floral Nails|


Gloss Sticker Tutorial: (Thumbnail & Video: Acid Monarch) Gloss Stickers have an adhesive backing, making them a simple way to add quick and beautiful designs to your nails! Each set comes with a variety of sizes but are best suited for medium to long lengths. I’d only recommend applying them over gel manicures, press-ons or nail enhancements in the salon. They can also be encapsulated in builder gel and acrylic because they’re solvent resistant, so their colors won‘t bleed. They are available in iridescent and flat shades. Keep in mind all iridescent shades will look different depending on the light they’re in, so it’s hard to capture in one photo. Feel free to check out my Instagram: @GlossDecals to see videos of them in different lighting. (Disclaimer: Colors may vary slightly from the photos.) APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS: (Visit @GlossDecals for a tutorial.) Apply your gel polish, cure, and be sure to wipe off the sticky layer with acetone or alcohol. The stickers won’t adhere if the nails are still sticky. After removing the sticky layer, you can also lightly buff your gel to increase adhesion. I've gotten the best adhesion when I apply them over a NON-WIPE matte topcoat. Apply the sticker of your choosing and flatten against the nail. Feel free to cut the stickers down to size if they’re a bit too big/long. Float a thicker layer of gel over the stickers to ensure no edges are poking out. If so, buff/file away the edges. Lastly, seal it in with topcoat and enjoy bomb nails for weeks! I’d love to see what you do with them, so if you post a picture on Instagram, tag @GlossDecals and #glossy or #glossdecals for a chance to get reposted.